Erin Soderberg

Erin Soderberg

Erin Soderberg

Hi! I'm Erin Soderberg Downing, and I read and write books for kids. I love writing (and reading!) stories that make you laugh, and I usually find inspiration for my stories in everyday stuff - my family, my dog, and things that have happened to me in real life! I love to travel, explore, read, and be outside in nature. These are a few of my other favorite things:

  • Playing with my kids and my dog
  • Going out to eat at fun restaurants (I love Ethiopian and Thai food, tacos, and cake!)
  • Swimming in lakes Sledding and skiing Spending time with friends and family
  • Watching movies (my favorite is Elf!)
  • Napping

I've spent time as a waitress, a malt-maker, a tour guide on a boat, a book editor, a cookie inventor, a movie extra, and I also worked for Nickelodeon. Throughout my life, I've lived a lot of different places, including New York City, England, and Sweden. Now I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my husband, Greg, and my three kids (a twelve-year-old and eleven-year-old twins). From